SPA-XH Single-Port Safe Parallel Adapter for XH Compatible Battery Packs


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SPA is a Signle-Port Safe Parallel Adapter for charging one pack at a time or safely interconnecting same-cell-count LiPO batteries in parallel via daisy-chaining.
This version supports LiPO batteries with JST XH compatible balance connectors and wiring.

SPA-XH uses the same interconnect cables as the MPA-XH.
These interconnect cables are available separately to support Cellpro PowerLab 6/PowerLab 8, Cellpro 10XP, and other charger brands compatible with JST XH balance connectors and wiring.
Be sure to purchase the proper cable to plug the SPA into your Charger or Battery Workstation.
Daisy-chain multiple SPA to parallel charge multiple packs using

The SPA includes a custom header. A single connector supports any cell count from 2s through 8s.

IMPORTANT: SPA-XH is a native XH adapter. It requires a charger capable of running XH WIRING MODE; e.g., Cellpro 10XP, PowerLab series, or other brands which support XH batteries directly.