H60164T-00 New Metal Flybar Seesaw Holder-Black T-REX 600/600 Nitro


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T-REX metal flybar seesaw holder features high precise bearing structure and high rigid CNC processes aluminum alloy material, and therefore this refitting component is absolutely helpful for the accuracy of flying movement control and the stable of the flight.

Use for T-REX 600/600 Nitro.

Metal flybar seesaw holder x 1
Bearing MR83ZZ x 2(F3x8x3mm)
Bearing MR74ZZ x 2(F4xF7x2.5mm)
M3 collar screw x 2(M3x11.65mm)
Socket button head screw x 2(M3x12mm)
Washer x 2(F3xF5.5x0.3mm)